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Резюме Senior QA or QA Manager — Alex

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Senior QA or QA Manager
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Senior QA Engineer

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01.2005 - 03.2010, MUSICUBE
Information technology/systems integration
Senior QA Engineer 
Tested and maintained Encyclomedia database, its stored procedures, DTS packages etc. in SQL Server 2000.
Tested Data Access Components to access Encyclomedia database in C++ using Microsoft Data Access Application Block. Tested .NET Web Services to return m-cards (xml) from Encyclomedia as called by iCapture application on wireless phones or PDAs. 
Tested a set of web services to accept binary data (midi file) on one side and expose it to voice recognition application for generation of m-cards to be returned to midi file submitter. 
Tested XML reader, writer and XSLT templates for importing data to Encyclomedia database from Muze and various other music data sources. 
Worked with Device Independent Software Developmnet Kit to generate device independent ASP .NET pages. 
Tested Business Logic Components for importing, updating and exporting data to and from Encyclomedia database. 
Tested a .NET Smart Client prototype to provide enhanced performance on target machines/devices capable of running .NET framework.
Tested a module to run as batch job which imports and updates catalog information of wireless device themes (ring tones, screen savers, wallpapers, games and etc.) from various providers to integrate with m-card. 
11.2001 - 01.2005, LEMUR NETWORKS
Information technology/systems integration
Senior QA Engineer 
Set up and performed functional, integration, regression, performance and scalability testing for Lemur Network's activation applications.
Responsibilities included documentation of test plans, selection of test tools and development of test scripts, testing and reporting of test resutls. 
Logged, verified and analyzed bugs using Bugzilla. Tested IP services and applications (DNS, DHCP-Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, email). 
Tested IP network applications using SNMP, SSH and CLI. Experienced in testing LDAP directories and Oracle Databases. Developed test plan and test procedures, created and executed test cases. 
06.2001 - 11.2001, GSB STANFORD UNIVERSITY 
Information technology/systems integration
Senior QA Engineer 
Tested Web-based System Faculty PhD RA/TA that allowed Faculty Administration to manage the entire process and generate the necessary reports. 
Tested functionality of the allocated information including the following features,: work limits, allocation limits, standard limits, exchange of allocation. 
Utilized Load Runner for performance and stress testing. 
Logged, verified and analyzed bugs using QADB. 
Tested Web-based database driven application GSB Master Calendar (GSB-Graduate School of Business). 
Performed database integrity testing. 
Tested data conversion to the new version of the database. Developed test plan and test procedures, created and executed test cases. 
Logged, verified and analyzed bugs by using TrackGear. 
01.2001 - 06.2001, CNET DATA SERVICES
Information technology/systems integration
Senior QA Engineer 
Tested Internet Web Site that represented the company's information: team, projects, standard and the page of the employee's library with company's books. 
Performed functionality, usability, and database integrity testing. Developed Intranet vision, Intranet Requirement Specification, and Test Plan documentations. 
Created and executed test cases. 
Logged, verified and analyzed bugs by using ClearQuest. 
Tested the software used for creation and editing of Generator Templates in Multilanguage mode. 
Created and executed test cases for Internationalization testing for Multilanguage Template. 
Completed functionality and user acceptance testing for the tool. Verified consistency between the Web interface and the one in File Maker Generator Template Editor. 
05.2000 - 12.2000, SCOUT ELECTROMEDIA
Information technology/systems integration
QA Engineer 
Tested wireless products by using WAP.
Developed the database with related information about shopping, restaraunts, movies and advertisements of major brands of consumer products. 
Developed test plan and the test cases for functional testing. Conducted manual testing of the functionality and thereafter automated using WinRunner. 
Participated in meeting with development teams and product managers for meeting deadlines and to improve the pace of development. 
Used Test Track Pro for reporting and tracking bugs. 
05.1997 - 05.2000, FRANKLIN TEMPELTON
Information technology/systems integration
QA Engineer 
Tested Real-time, Rules-based, Customer Information Based Mutual Fund Application Investar*One, running on the mainframe 3270.
Completed UAT for the converstion of Franklin Templeton's two legacy systems to Investar*One (the largest conversion in mutual fund history). 
Developed automated scripts for regression testing using WinRunner in comjunction with RadStar methodology.
Analyzed resutls and Log files. 
Consulted on automation strategies and on setting up an automation testing system. 
Trained the other team members on developing the automated test scripts. 
Worked with System Requirements analysis and System Design Specifications as well as with business unit to clarify business requrirements and translate them to functional specifications. 
Was responsible for technical support of the testing region for Investar*One Y2K project. 
Was responsible for security administration. 
Logged, verified and analyzed bugs uing Lotus Notes 4.0

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