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работа в STAFF CENTRE Shipmanagement Ltd

Работа в STAFF CENTRE Shipmanagement Ltd

The company Staff Centre Shipmanagement Ltd specialises exclusively in providing ships with technical support from shore-based management. The Company offers the complete range of ships management and marine consultancy according with the highest international standards. That includes everything from qualified technical support to the full management package, designed to relieve the ship owners of the routine workload related to the manning of their vessels.

The Company's standard full management package for a vessel consists of the main services, such as supply of stores, spare parts, lubricating and fuel oils, maintenance of the vessel, including repairs and dry docking, keeping of records and ensuring that the vessel is well documented with all certificates, manuals and other documents, required for the world-wide trade, provision of agreed technical and condition reports as well as provision of the necessary shipboard management systems together with supporting manuals and follow-up in accordance with reporting procedures that are part of the Company's overall ISM Code and many other services.

A multi-disciplinary team of professionals, the former collaborators of the Ukrainian maritime national Companies - UKMAR and BLASCO, with seagoing experience in the positions of Captains and Chief Engineers, manages the daily technical maintenance, repair and operational aspects of each vessel as well as offers practical advice on all technical aspects, including the application of the latest rules to any ship under management.

Regular visits on board, together with ongoing communications between the ship and the Management team enable Staff Centre Shipmanagement Ltd to constantly monitor performance, offer immediate technical advice and provide proactive vessel management.

Inasmuch as the company Staff Centre Shipmanagement Ltd is totally committed to the appropriate classification rules and other national and international requirements. The Company was successfully audited for ISM compliance and was given the "Document of Compliance" (D.O.C.) by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, which is a member of IACS, accepted and recognised by most flag administrations.

Staff Centre Shipmanagement Ltd technical management procedures are supported by a first rate administrative system. The Company maintains close contact with regulatory bodies and Classification Societies and ensures that vessels are fully classed and seaworthy at all times.

работа в STAFF CENTRE Shipmanagement Ltd

3rd Floor, Sigurd Hall Business Centre, Francuzskiy Boulevard 54/23, 65009, Odessa, Ukraine

телефон: +380 (482) 34 00 19

факс: +380 (482) 34 44 38



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