«Staff centre»

работа в «Staff centre»

Работа в «Staff centre»

The company "Staff Centre" was established in 1999 as recruiting and crewing company for Ukrainian seafarers. From the beginning the main goal of the company policy is to recruit the seafarers and workers for repair gangs in compliance with the requirements of Convention STCW 78/95, ISM Code and relevant Administration maritime laws as well as with the demands of Ship owners stipulated in the Agency Agreement.

Today we continue and expand our maritime business on the absolutely new stage of modern technical, economical and financial possibilities. But in any case we would like do not lose at present and to take in future our traditions, experience, good reputation and nice business ties with our partners worldwide, which came here from ten years history.

работа в «Staff centre»

office 16, 6 Ekaterininskaya Square, Odessa, 65026, Ukraine

телефон: +380 (482) 34-75-73


www: http://www.staff-centre.com

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