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работа в Chesva Enterprises Ltd.

Работа в Chesva Enterprises Ltd.

We provide traveling repair squads for the repairs of all classes of vessels either while dry-dock or in voyage.

We have quite various data base and are able to offer:

Shiprepair services:

  • joiners, carpenters and masons for any kind of works on passenger vessels;
  • painters, sprayers - for hull and tanks cleaning and painting; cleaning, descaling and mucking out of tanks; application of specialized coatings and painting throughout vessels;
  • pipeliners - for renewal and repair of pipelines and valves of all ship systems;
  • fitters - for repair of main and auxiliary engines, ship's machinery;
  • welders - for repair and renewal of plating and any kind of welder works on deck or engine room;
  • electricians - for installation and repair of electrical equipment.

We have stocked modern equipment for all types of steel works and piping works for Carbon steel and Stainless steel as well. Also we have full set of blasting and spray machines for paint works. Equipment based in Houston, Texas and Miami, Florida.

Our welders are certified by Bureau Veritas according to ISO 9606. In case of necessity English-speaking foreman will accompany any repair squad and will be as a member of its staff till the end of repair period.

Working time:
The working day is usually twelve hours each day of the week and this includes meal and coffee breaks amounting to a total of two hours within the day (ten hours of production and two hours of break time). The break time should be adjusted to suit the ship requirements.

"Chesva Enterprises Ltd - Ukraine" shall arrange the necessary insurance to cover permanent injury or death to the workman during the course of the agreement. The costs of arranging of the insurance will be at the expense of "Chesva Enterprises Ltd".

Food & Accommodation:
The workers should be provided with food and accommodation during their stay on board and traveling to/from the vessel. It shall be at the expense of the Owner.

The cost of the tickets for the people traveling to/from the vessel will be at the expense of the Owner. If it is agreed by the contract, "Chesva Enterprises Ltd - Ukraine" will be responsible for making necessary travel arrangements.

Traveling expenses:
We charge 8 hours per traveling day when joining or leaving the vessel.

If the same is requested according to local Immigration requirements in port of repair squad arrival, we will make all the necessary arrangements for preparing all required documents from Ukrainian side for applying for any types of the visas. The costs of US visas type C1/D are at the expense of "Chesva Enterprises Ltd - Ukraine." any other - at expense of the Owner.

"Chesva Enterprises Ltd - Ukraine" is responsible for providing each worker with one pair of safety shoes and two boiler suits. The cost of overalls is at our expense.

Medical certificate:
It's strictly required by our rules that once in the year all workers have to pass medical examination, as well as drug and alcohol tests, at one of the reputable Odessa Medical Centers in compliance with the requirements of the Medical Examination Seafarers Convention. The arranging of the above procedure is at the expense of "Chesva Enterprises Ltd - Ukraine."

Our head office "Chesva Enterprises Ltd." is located in Limassol, Cyprus and all financial matters are settled through them.

List of completed works and condition reports of jobs done available on request.

We are proud to serve our customers as Carnival Cruise Lines, Aalborg Industries, Inc., ScanShip AS, Valsamis Inc. and other various ship-owners, ship managers and shiprepair contractors.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the above mentioned, we are always ready to discuss each point for mutually beneficial cooperation.

работа в Chesva Enterprises Ltd.

Office 4, 16 Sophiyevskaya street, 65082, Odessa, Ukraine

телефон: +380 482 36 47 00

факс: +380 482 36 47 07



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